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Your Freedom Journal is the first in the series of Journals from the Number 1 Results Coach and Bestselling author, Shawn Shewchuk. It was designed with you in mind, to help you to punch past your goals and objectives, and do it in less time. Everyday for 12 months, Shawn Shewchuk guides and motivates you to reach higher and achieve more.

Make your next year the best year of your life with Your Freedom Journal.


What's Inside the book?

Short Description

Your Freedom Journal was designed to be your companion in excavating your immense potential, thereby causing you to work smarter than you ever have. When you utilize this journal as it was developed by Shawn Shewchuk, you can achieve the results you desire, and attain the life that you have been dreaming of, it can’t not happen. Thhat is what maximization of your most valuable resource will do for you.

The biggest risk you can take in life is not fulfilling your potential and living out your passion. Hold onto your vision and persevere. The most successful people in history have failed time and time again. Fail quickly and learn from it. It is your tuition.

You deserve to live a life of abundance and significance. This journey may not seem easy. Ask yourself: is the pain of staying the same greater than the pain of change? If the answer is yes, then hold onto that and keep the pain at the forefront to get you through the tough times.

The only time we have is right now. Make every moment count!

How Can this Book Help?
Gain a new Perspective on what your results can be
Become motivated and share this gift with others around you
Achieve your goals and objectives in less time

About Shawn Shewchuk

In addition to the 12,000 clients that Shawn and his team have successfully partnered with, Shawn is always doing more. He gives back through volunteering on boards, investing in young people that are driven to achieve more, and was a founding member of a charity that serves those that need a hand up.

Shawn Shewchuk is THE Productivity Speaker, The Number 1 Results Coach, Bestselling Author, Movie Star and Producer. He is the creator of the High Productivity Systems and founder of the

Shawn is also the founder of Results Press, the leading non-fiction hybrid publisher for experts, high achievers, and leaders that want to have a greater impact and gain instant credibility.

"Working with Shawn Shewchuk has been an incredible experience. Within hours because of the coaching from Shawn, I generated an additional $24,000. My business keeps growing and I am on target to hit my goal of $1,000,000 within one year. If you get the opportunity to work with Shawn, do it!"
Jon Lamont
The investment in Shawn was significant but well worth it. He allowed my business to grow to 7 figures and beyond in a stable way. He also helped me understand my value so that I could create a new division in the info space.
Jason Greschuk